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BMW Extended Maintenance Warranty at Bob Smith BMW

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All BMW drivers are not created equal!
Whatever your driving habits happen to be, there's an extended service contract designed for you.

BMW tailored the BMW Extended Vehicle Protection program with your needs in mind, offering you a level of security you won't find with any third-party contract provider.

Program benefits include:

- Covered repairs performed at an authorized BMW repair facility.

- Only original BMW parts for repairs.

- 24-Hour BMW Roadside Assistance, in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

- A worry-free ownership experience.

-Your vehicle's resale value is protected.


The factory-recommended maintenance service items listed below are covered when required at specified service intervals, on eligible BMW vehicles during the applicable BMW MaintenanceProgram period.

Program Benefits Include:

- Engine oil change and filter replacement
- Vehicle inspections or check (per the applicable service maintenance checklist)
- Cabin dust microfilters - fresh air and recirculating2
- Air filter replacement
- Brake pads (front/rear)
- Brake discs (front/rear - only in conjunction with a covered brake pad replacement)
- Brake fluid replacement
- Engine drive belts
- Windshield wiper inserts (front and rear2)
- Manual transmission clutch disc2
- Manual transmission oil2 (only in conjunction with an applicable engine oil and filter replacement)
- Spark plugs3
- Oxygen sensors3
- Fuel filter2 (diesel engines only)
- Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)2- drain and refill (only in conjunction with a covered engine oil and filter replacement)
- Running-in check at 1,200 miles2 (BMW M vehicles only)
- Reset the maintenance system

1  Vehicles within the active Standard or Upgraded Maintenance Program period only
2  Applicable models only
3  Varies by model and model year; review your service and warranty booklet for model specific requirements
4  As outlined in the applicable BMW Technical Data Information

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